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Terms Of Use

This is the page where we talk about the terms of use.

If you would like to enjoy this website – and I certainly hope you do – then we need to get a few ground rules set.

First, you need to have a sense of humor. Look, I joke around a lot, but when it comes to painting, I’m deadly serious. I take my work very seriously. The rest of my life, well, not so much.

I wanted to make this website as entertaining as possible, because most painter sites I’ve seen are pretty boring. And no one can ever accuse ME of being boring!

I live a pretty exciting life. In my own mind, anyway.

Second, you need to be a cool person. I expect you to be cool. You don’t have to be SUPER cool, just regular cool.

Or, ‘chill’ – as the kids say today.

Third, please understand I haven’t really painted millions of offices, like I claimed on the front page. That’s an obvious exaggeration – in my lame attempt to be funny. And by the way, that’s called ‘poetic license’.

Poetic license is when you say things that may or may not be factually accurate in the continuance of a story. In other words, it makes a good story.

Fourth, I’m not really from outer space, like I claimed on the disclaimer page. You know that, right? Or did I fool you?

And finally, please understand, I have nothing against the locally brewed beer, unlike what I said on the disclaimer page. It’s actually pretty good.

St. Pete is finally coming of age.